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About Me

Cara Lewis

I’m a passionate individual who strongly believes in your potential to create fulfilling relationships with others and a healthy and loving relationship with yourself.  I began my career in education many years ago and my appreciation for education can be seen in my work.  I believe it is through emotional education and the therapeutic process that we gain deeper self awareness and compassion for ourselves and others.  We can learn to create new stories, new beliefs and new patterns that better serve us and we can learn new and effective relational skills.  All of those combined work to enhance our ability to create the life and connections we so desire.


We can get stuck in our own heads, looking at things from only one perspective and limiting ourselves and possibilities. Maybe you are operating from an old story. Maybe you are making choices and living your life in ways that are not in alignment with who you truly are. There is truth to the old cliché, “Sometimes you have to get out of your own way."  I will help you with sincerity, compassion and enthusiasm in a judgement-free manner.

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What to Expect

Though I can be your coach, change has to come from within. When we collaborate I will take on the role of listener, educator, and master questioner as it is often through insightful questions you will find the answers that are already in you. I have many tools in my toolbox and I do not follow one therapeutic approach. We are all unique and I will do my best to match you and any given circumstance with what will be most effective for your individual needs. Remember, you are the author of your story. Sometimes we need to rewrite, sometimes we need to edit, sometimes we need to change the characters, sometimes we need to do something different for inspiration, and sometimes we get the most amazing results from collaborating with another.  I invite you to collaborate with me.

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