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Couples Counseling

It is through exploration that we can learn
to really be seen and to truly see our partner.  

Our relationships can enhance our days and be a source of strength and support when life throws us a curve ball or our relationships can leave us feeling so stressed with little patience for life‘s challenges. This can result in us missing out on many of life’s beautiful experiences as our ability to be open and present for them may be hindered. 

Relationships can hold a lot of power. They are often a very significant parts of a person's life and can have great influence on many things including our own happiness and well-being.  With relationships being such impactful and important aspects of a person's life it amazes me how little we are taught about how to have healthy, enjoyable, and truly happy ones.

The great news is there is so much information we can learn about ourselves, our partners and about what we can do to create happy, fulfilling relationships.  Relationship skills and self awareness are keys to deepening a couples friendship and intimacy and strengthening their connection and bond.

My goal is to create an atmosphere where you both feel welcomed and comfortable to share, knowing I am impartial and nonjudgmental.  My goal is the success of the relationship and to allow you both to paint me a picture of what your successful relationship looks like.  My goal is to listen and stay curious while inviting you to do the same with your partner.  Whether you have been together for a year or have been together for 25 years there is still much to explore about one another.  Together you will learn relational skills based on decades of relationship research while exploring what is in the way of the two of you being able to connect in the ways you both desire.  It is through this exploration we can learn to really be seen and to truly see our partner. 


  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy  (Dr. John Gottman)

  • Non Violent Communication (Dr. Marshall Rosenberg)

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Person Centered Therapy

Rates & Insurance

At Emotional Wellness Counseling we accept the below insurances.  Additionally, we offer a self pay option. 
The self pay option rate is $125 per 60 minute session.

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